SHOWS: CACIB show Zadar 27.04.-01.05.19

SHOWS: CACIB show Zadar 27.04.-01.05.19

We spend lovely days in Zadar and met such wonderful and lovely people, that was the most fantastic thing at our trip!

I‘m very happy about my little cutie pie, he has done such a great job at the show ring.

27.04.19 CACIB show – judge: Livija Zizevske: open class exc. 4

28.04.19 CACIB show – judge: Colette Muldoon: open class exc.

28.04.19 specialty – judge: Timmy U. Ralfe: open class exc. 4 Timmy wrotes in the critique „Unfortunately he didn’t woke up“

29.04.19 CACIB show – judge: Dorota Witkowska: open class exc. 3 presented by beloved Johanna Segerlund

30.04.19 CAC show – judge: Åke Cronander: open class exc. 1 CAC 

01.05.19 CACIB show – judge: Igoris Zizevske: open class exc. 1 CAC and res. CACIB= full CACIB

It was a very nice time and I’m sure, we will come back to this well organized show.

photos taken by amazing Maja Kljaja. 


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